Aneka Villa and Spa, Lovina, Bali : Simply Charming, the best in Lovina.


Go there for:

  • The intimate ambiance
  • The pool and beach
  • The spacious, comfortable rooms

Lovina, in Northern Bali, is a lesser touristic area far from being as crowded as its Southern counterparts. Many non local residents have elected the place as their permanent home for this very reason, and it’s a destination of choice for divers and… dolphin lovers (who doesn’t like dolphins?).

Near the coast, Aneka will welcome you with a smile, a tasty sweet non alcoholic cocktail, and a score of individual villas offering complete amenities, space, privacy and comfort.

Neophytes to Indonesian food will be happy to know that the restaurant serves yummy local dishes which are very friendly to foreign palates. And the staff is both friendly and helpful.

A lot of effort is put into the decoration and environment, nothing overwhelming, yet the place is charming and intimate.

The ambiance is everything you expect from an exotic escapade. Come the evening, shimmering dark sand and blue sky graciously leave the lead to warmer, softer tones which give the place a calming and romantic allure. Add a pich of sea breeze, and you know you’re somewhere else.


  • Keep your driver near, you might want to discover Lovina’s night life. Yes, it’s quiet, but it doesn’t mean it’s boring :)
  • Bring your camera. Sunsets in Lovina are famous for their beauty.
  • Since you’re around… go and meet the dolphins!

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