Banjar Hot Springs, Bali: 3 reasons why they are awesome.

Banjar Hot Springs

“What’s special with hot springs? It’s just hot water, right?” is a question I often asked myself before actually trying it. I’ve had the luck to discover Banjar’s hot springs, near Singaraja, Northern Bali. This collection of pools ranging from 1.50m to 2m deep is a truly unique place for a truly unique experience.

1) It’s a true Balinese experience, plus the heat.

Believe it or not, our shy Balinese friends have a knack for common showers. In every village, when possible, there is a communal, open air shower awaiting bath goers -men and women alike.
Only, common showers can be really, really cold… This is why Banjar’s waters are also frequently used by the locals.

2) It’s good for you.

You’ll probably notice it: the pools smell of sulfur. Don’t panic, not only natural sulfur dissolved in water isn’t toxic, but it’s actually a component of many remedies. I, for one, know that sulfur is friendly to my skin and sinuses. 
If you worry about the smell, don’t. It’s really much milder than most people think, and to me it’s pleasantly sweet.

3) It’s just lovely

The place isn’t as crowded as one would expect, the facilities are neither too scarce, nor overdone, and the environment is splendid. You’ll heal children laugh on a background of gushing water, and feel surprisingly zen when you’re finished. The place is surrounded by palm trees, too.

In a nutshell, this is worth all the bubble baths I’ve ever had. Combined.


  • At times, the stairs entering the pool can be slippery, mind your steps!
  • Do not bathe in the nude
  • Do not use soap in the common pools (there are showers on the side of the main pool if you wish to do so)
  • Remember, the main pool is up to 2 meters deep!

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