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monkey stealing from tourists in Uluwatu temple

Uluwatu Temple: Why are these monkeys stealing all sort of stuffs from tourist?

Why are these monkeys stealing all sort of stuffs from tourist in Uluwatu Temple? Watch the BBC documentary here.

2016: 巴厘岛5天4夜地接配套,包吃包喝包玩避年之旅

过年想出国玩?巴厘岛便宜好玩! 出发日期:2016年2月6日,8人成团 - RM1288。

I visited 3 hotels and 9 villas in Bali, in 1 day

Today, my mission, is to find a hotel or villa, for honeymoon couples who are looking at honeymoon holiday in Bali

The craftsmen photography book of Ubud, Bali

Beautiful people, beautiful artworks, amazing photography book of craftsmen in Ubud, Bali.

Shift Your Inner Self at Bali Spirit Festival

Truly an experience of a lifetime one should add to their bucket list. Why? Click to read more.

Bali Stories: The Day Before Silence

Did you know that, in Bali, once a year the island stopped moving all at once? Click to read more, it's amazing.

Contest! Let’s spot the Ogoh-Ogoh!

Right now in Bali Ogoh-Ogoh are still in the making. It won't prevent you from taking an epic pic, and winning a romantic dinner though.

5 Fun Ways To Enjoy Bali On A Boat

Answer the call of the sea and the call of Bali in one go!

6 Crafts You Will Want to Learn When Visiting Bali

Bali is renowned for its ever present creativity. Why not be part of it and have some inspired fun?

Bali Event Calendar 2015

Start planning your travel to Bali from now on with a comprehensive list of cultural, religious and fun event.

5 Ways To Stay In Bali For More Than 30 Days

How to extend your stay in Bali over the standard 30 days provided on arrival? Here is how!

5 Challenges To Overcome Before Moving To Bali

Many vacations in Bali turn into long term stays, sometimes for life. But what does it take to live there?

Meet the Penjor: The Balinese Christmas Tree

We're all accustomed to the Christmas tree and its meaning. Now, what is a penjor for and how is it made?

10 Ways To Enjoy Bali During The Rainy Season

Bali is -almost- always sunny. Sometimes, though, rain will pour down. What to do then during these rainy days?

5 Things I Learned While Renting a Bike in Bali

Renting a bike in Bali is often synonym of freedom... but, careful, the traffic there is very different. How? Click to know!

What Happens In Bali: A traditional Wedding, Behind the Curtain.

The spiritual aspect of Balinese weddings are often discussed, but what about all the rest? Does it happens in Bali like everywhere else? Certainly not!

Responsible Tourism: 5 Easy Tips to Keep Bali Beautiful

Responsible tourism sounds like a big concept, but keeping Bali beautiful is not hard at all!

Tips: 5 suprising things they didn’t tell me about Bali

I learn a lot in Bali, here is 5 surprising and useful things I've learned.

What happens in Bali: Ask for directions, Let the Magic Happen!

He asked for directions, then something awesome happened, Bali style!

I love Bali very much, I am the Bali Tour Planner!

My name is Angie. I eat, sleep, and play... all that in Bali, for work. I love it ;)
mushroom bay nusa lembongan

Tips: How to travel from Bali to Nusa Lembongan / Nusa Lembongan to Bali?

How to travel from Bali to Nusa Lembongan and back? And how much? Here, we tell you.
campuhan ridge walk ubud

BALI: Campuhan Ridge Walk Trail at Ubud

Paddy fields.. trees..fresh air...friendly people... Ubud is so beautiful!
surfing at kuta beach bali

Angie at Bali: I did surfing for the first time in Kuta Beach, Bali

Bad swimmer me, first time surfing in Bali. Happy moments!

新手冲浪天堂 @ 库塔海滩 Kuta Beach

库塔海滩号称是全巴厘岛最漂亮的海滩, 拥有细腻且白皙的沙滩, 海浪的强度适中,最适合想学冲浪的新手们。

14 Items to discover Bali with a smart backpack

Take a look, you might get surprised by some of the items in that list!