I love Bali very much, I am the Bali Tour Planner!

My name is Angie, my daily jobs in Bali is to visit various hotels, various villas, various restaurants, to find the best for my clients, which will suit to the needs and expectations.

I am travelling everywhere in the island, I surf, I dive, I snorkel, I go to parties, I got to clubs and bars. I do mountains trekking, I go to hot spring, I visited the local villages, I attend cooking class, Yoga class, meditation, fishing, cayoning, spa & massage…

Do you know, in Bali, there are more than 4000 hotels with around 90 000 rooms available. More than 10 000 restaurants, more than 300 things to do? How to choose hotels for my clients, how to choose places of interests for my clients, how to make my clients love Bali by giving them right advice and opinions becoming my daily profession.

And, I love my job very much. I love Bali very much.

Most of the time, I travel as a tourist, I do spa & massage, and I do shopping for stuffs I like such as woodcarving, bags, clothes, furnitures, electronic items, organic products for face and body, bikinis for beaches, groceries for daily needs, shoes, cosmetics… I live in Bali, as a local, and as a tourist as well.

I work hard, I play hard too. I learn, and I share. Now, we have a team, who has the same passion as me, from Bali, France & Malaysia. We work so hard, trying to put all those information up in this new website but it will take long times as we have more than 10 000 photos to share, more than 1000 stories to tell you about Bali.

We always ask our customers/friends/fans/potential customers/agents… the below questions: 

  1. Date of travelling in Bali / length of stays in Bali
  2. Flight arrival time in Bali / Flight departure time from Bali
  3. No of pax
  4. Must visit places in Bali
  5. Must eat foods in Bali
  6. Must do activities in Bali
  7. Purpose of visit: Honeymoon / Family getaway / Company Trip / friends
  8. Budget per pax
  9. Budget for hotel / expectations on hotel

and the lists go on and go on…

Why? Because we are the Bali Tours Planner, we want to provide the best of Bali to you. We love Bali, we truly love Bali, thus, we want to bring the best to you.

What makes Nice Tour Bali difference from other local travel agents?

  1. We don’t do standard tours, somehow rather, we will tailor made your ready made itinerary you got from another source.
  2. We don’t force you to do shopping. Thus, we don’t get commission from your shopping.
  3. We don’t have any hidden charges in our tours fees charged to you.

We provide tours which other agents won’t provide to you at all if you ask us: 

1) We bring you to Bulgari Hotel for evening tea and sunset whereby you enjoyed your 100% privacy and you can use the hotel private beach as well.

2) We bring you to Rock Bar for sunset.

3) We bring you to Finns Clubs for lunch and swims.

4) We bring you to Nusa Lembongan Island for seaweed, fishing, mangrove tour and snorkelling.

5) We bring you to Serangan Island to eat the grilled coral fishes. ( I love it so much, best grilled purple coloured fish I had in my life.)

6) We bring you to do shopping in local market like Sukawati market, we even will teach you how to bargain.

7) We bring you to eat famous Ibu Oka Babi Guling, Bebek Bengil dirty duck, Nasi Ayam Kedewatan, Nuris Warung Pork Ribs.

8) We bring you to do spa & massage in Sedona Spa Ubud, Cantika Spa, Bali Botanical, Putri Bali… those are not expensive places but with 5 star services. Bali is famous for spa & massage for a reason. You get your spa in the paddy field, in the jungle, by the river..

Do you know all the places we put up in your itinerary, is not for ordinary tourists, but for those people to find reasons to love Bali more?

I am bringing all my clients and friends to the places I am going regularly. Those are not for agents but for locals and expats who live in Bali like me and my workmates.

Below are some of the photos of my daily life, I am living in Bali currently. 

Angie in Bali

my house in Ubud, Bali

Doing food review in Murni’s Warung, Ubud.

Angie in Bali

We found this “Babi Guling” stall in Payangan, Ubud. Love it so much..

Angie in Bali

Having the best Grilled Coral Fish – Ikan Kakak Tua in Serangan Island, Bali with brother.

Angie in Bali

Doing hotel review at Veceroy, Ubud

Angie in Bali

I was working in a private pool villa while doing inspection. I jumped into the pool of course after the emails got replied in time.

sunset at seaweed farm, Nusa Ceningan.

sunset at seaweed farm, Nusa Ceningan.

Bale Udang, Ubud, Bali

Bale Udang, Ubud, Bali

Love this hotel very much…

somewhere in Bali

I bet you don’t know where it is.. ask me k? I will tell you. To get there, you need to get our car charter service. smile emoticon
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It is Saturday, I just finished my work.  I don't mind working weekends because I have absolutely nothing better to do than relaxing in a nice hotel

It is Saturday, I just finished my work.
I don’t mind working weekends because I have absolutely nothing better to do than relaxing in a nice hotel

Another great night out with great you all!! Made my day!

Another great night out with great you all!! Made my day!

Passed by this place many many times, this is the first time stop and take some photos. So happy and I love the piggies.

Passed by this place many many times, this is the first time stop and take some photos. So happy and I love the piggies.

Jatiluwih Bali

Went to Jatiluwih(UNESCO world heritage site) today for tour inspection. More photos gonna be shared in my blog soon. Love this beautiful place so much.. The only place in Bali which is still conserved as its original. No hotels are available on this peaceful land with a lot of paddy fields. Happy to see the green… Good morning Bali! Time to start working on emails.

At Rock Bar, Bali.


I have a habit to take photos of myself in front of the mirror of any hotel I inspected/ stayed. It records every moments over the years. I have so many photos of me in Bali.

Since year 2003. I have been living and working in Nice Tour Bali for almost 11 years.

Follow me in Facebook, you will get to know Nice Tour Bali more, and myself more..

Welcome to ask me anything about Bali, I will be very happy to share.

Contact details:

Instagram: angie_ong_108

Or ya, I also act as Tour Planner for Nepal – visit the website if you plan to go Nepal too:

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