Responsible Tourism: 5 Easy Tips to Keep Bali Beautiful


Bali has been a traveller’s paradise since as early as the 1920’s, and is constantly growing, evolving, to offer visitors even better holidays. If tourism can be a great way to bring good fortune to a destination, being a responsible visitor helps keeping the place clean, empowered and respected. These big concepts can actually be honored with a minimum of effort -for a maximum satisfaction! 
Here’s how:

1) Collect your own rubbish

EatonsShoppingBag1997One of these, or even better, a paper bag, is perfect to collect your own rubbish.
No worries, the brand doesn't matter 😀


There’s nothing more heartbreaking than having a stroll on the beach and stumbling on a half full can of soda. I mean, what is it even doing there?

10 years ago, having a swim in Candidasa or a walk mostly anywhere couldn’t happen without bumping into random garbage. The situation is now much, much better, thanks to the efforts of villages who handle garbage collection individually.

If things are going in the right direction, we can all land a hand by simply gathering our own rubbish and dumping it at the appropriate spot – it’s that easy to help keeping Bali beautiful!

2) Prefer re-usable items


A good, handy reusable bottle.
Source: Top 5 Eco-Friendly Water Bottles


Isn’t Bali hot? You bet! I go through 3 liters of water a day. That’s two big or six small bottles!

Bali sees around 250.000 foreign arrivals a months. If each of these travelers stays a week and drink even half as I do, that’s 5.250.000 small water bottles per month, 530 tons of plastic that need collecting and, when possible, recycling.

It doesn’t stop at bottled water either… Think off all the hotel amenities, plastic bags, disposable cutlery, straws… the list is long.

Fortunately, cutting down plastic overuse is really easy, and is becoming increasingly accessible.
Bringing with you a tote-bag, a thermos, your own toiletries, is already enough to start acting!

3) Cycle and trek


You can't do that from a tour bus! (Well, maybe, but it's a tad more challenging)


Yes, there is a relation!
Cycling and trekking are two activities with a very low carbon footprint, and they give you a great opportunity to appreciate Bali’s ‘inner beauty’, by getting closer to the locals and taking a good look at landscapes you would only see for a brief moment from the window of a tour bus.

4) Get local!


Authentic balinese food doesn't just look good. Believe us, we know. Everyday.


Bali has tons of hotels and restaurants, which most often deliver a great experience. Since there is so much choice, why not try something different, locally owned?

Hotels like Saren Indah and cafes like Kopi Desa are locally owned, and due to the traditional organization of Balinese villages, their success also contribute to their immediate environment. They are up to international standard, affordable and provide and excellent service.


5) Smile!


It takes only four muscles. After climbing the wall, that is.


This one is easy!
Well, not always easy. Sometimes, confusing things happen, and we can all feel like getting angry in these moments.
But I found that, in these rare situations, asking why and how instead of expressing my anger solved the problem much faster.

Why is it responsible? Well, It all comes down to fostering harmony and understanding between cultures, even between visitors. It does improve your holidays, too!

5) Learn about Bali

Responsible tourism isn’t just about economy or environment, it’s also about getting to learn the culture of your host country. 
It might sound condescending, but believe me, when you show Balinese that you are interested in their culture, it will make both of you very happy, that’s guaranteed!

Learning about Bali is easy, there is a lot of online resources about it –you can start here– and it will grant you a much more comprehensive, much better holiday experience!

7) Share, share, share!

If sustainable tourism isn’t a new concept, its popularity isn’t quite the one it deserves yet. Sharing information with your fellow travelers is the best way to raise awareness, and to care for those who make our holidays awesome!


Did I forget something? Do you have tips you want to share about sustainable tourism in Bali? Let me know in the comments!

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