Saren Indah, Ubud : Exotic, friendly and professional


Go there for:

  • A very welcoming staff
  • Good quality food
  • Comfort and calm
  • An exotic but not overdone experience

Looking for a good ‘typically Balinese’ hotel in Bali is surprisingly not as easy as I thought.
See, the problem is that many Bali themed hotels and accommodations around the island were built decades ago and suffer from maintenance problems. 

I wanted to find something else, something that gets past the “pancake and nasi goreng” menu and offers more, ambiance wise, than a canopy bed.

Located in Ubud, Saren Indah is what just I’ve been looking for. The decoration and styling of the place remind me, at every corner, that I am indeed in Bali and nowhere else.

Their staff is extremely helpful, friendly and genuinely smiling, always looking for an occasion to satisfy your needs.

Amenities are complete, and the rooms are not only spotless but also spacious and very pretty. I love the way you’re welcomed with artistically folded towels on your bed and a fresh fruit platter. Spending a night there is very quiet, very intimate and very safe (they have security guards patrolling the compound at night)
Another things I really like there is the food. Their crispy duck is a must try, and it includes other real, tasty Indonesian food like fish grilled in banana leaves (pepes ikan).

Last time I went there, during check-out, I heard a guest thanking the staff profusely, for all the good time she’d spent there. I think it’s very well deserved!

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