Sedona Spa, Ubud: Pampering, Balance, Bliss!

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Sedona Spa

I can’t think of Bali without thinking of a good pampering session, from head to toes.
Unfortunately for me, at first, I had to look quite a long time to find a Spa that’s really my fit.

Bali has its share of well being oriented places -after all, massages are deeply implanted in Indonesian culture- but some of those places are just not professional enough to my taste, or don’t offer enough privacy.

Worse, sometimes I found welcoming and homely establishment that turned out to be mere back rub factories, where I was quickly handled and let go. Not relaxing at all. 

But in Ubud, Bali, I’ve finally come across a place I’ll visit every time I’m around: Sedona Spa. Here’s what make them so special to me:

The massages are just perfect

How do I like a massage? Just deep enough so it can reach my poor tired muscles, yet gentled enough to allow me to relax or even fall asleep. Masseuses are Sedona take their time and listen to you, your body and your reactions, to adapt their strokes and let you enjoy a perfect balance of pressure and relaxation. 
The experience is as sensual (I didn’t say sexual, mind you!) as it is beneficial, and I always feel a boost of energy after a treatment.

The place is gorgeous

Sedona is a bit difficult to access: there is another spa just in front, and you will need to go down a concrete path to access the place (don’t worry it’s got a huge sign to remind visitors where it is).
Once you get there though, you’ll see why I like it so much. It feels intimate, boutique sized, yet there is a lot of available rooms. 
These rooms are semi-outdoor, fashioned after a simple but very soothing garden gazebo style with plants all around. Many rooms feature a copper bathtub, and all are decorated with warm colors and simple shapes. Having a massage in the fresh air is just beautiful, and even better in such an environment.

The staff is adorable (yet professional)

Sri, the manager, takes massage very seriously and has, on several occasions, called therapists and experts from all over the world to provide training and workshops to her staff. In a nutshell: they know what they are doing.
It doesn’t prevent them from being very, very nice though, and if you feel like engaging them, they’ll never refuse a friendly chat.

The result is bliss

I usually go there for half a day at a time, and start with a hair treatment, to continue with manicure, pedicure and, finally, a full body traditional massage. It ends with a cup of ginger tea and fresh fruits and I can stay there as long as I want to keep on relaxing. So far, I have never had to complain about anything. I leave the place feeling happy, beautiful and energetic, in complete harmony with my body.


  • While having a massage, you can ask for a shower beforehand. It’s refreshing and usually make me feel more confident.
  • Ask beforehand whether you want your massage to be healing or relaxing, or both. They will find you match!
  • Tip if you feel like it, the staff really deserves it :)

You can find more about Sedona Spa on their website . It won’t beat going there by yourself though, you won’t regret it!

Take a look!

Here are some pictures 🙂

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