Shift Your Inner Self at Bali Spirit Festival

Ubud, Bali, is known for its healing and spiritual enhancing community. Many people travel across the globe to experience the magic of Ubud. But that’s not all there is to this village. The diversity in community of the arts, the philanthropists, and the environmental activists separates Ubud from other parts of Bali. Now imagine all of the above gathered together in a five days festival, the Bali Spirit Festival.

Those who have never experienced The Bali Spirit Festival might imagine this event as an international gathering of Yogis. Although the festival puts a lot of weight in their yoga, healing, spiritual learning, and personal transformation experiences, this event also focuses on highlighting extraordinary art and musical performances from around the world. Truly an experience of a lifetime one should add to their bucket list.

The 7th annual Bali Spirit Festival will be held in two separate venues. ARMA Museum in Ubud serves as the night venue, where One World Stage Concert will be held, while daytime activities and performances will be housed in Bali Purnati Center for the Arts. The venue by itself showcases the beauty of Bali’s architecture and natural landscaping, while the decoration and amenities are very eco friendly.

The Bali Spirit Festival’s diversity in activities and performances makes it appealing to everyone, including children and families. What perfect way to introduce your little ones to the wonder of Ubud than to sign them up for some of the Kid’s activities in one of the venues? I remember seeing fairies and sprites fluttering around leading children through the magic tunnel, while others enjoy a “How To Be A Ninja” workshop.

During the day you will have the opportunity to practice yoga with internationally recognized yoga teachers, learn capoeira, enjoy healthy cuisines, and just altogether absorb the transformation that this event has to offer. Once the sun goes down, your thirst for music and the arts will be quenched at the One World Stage.

This year’s lineup includes Indonesian Dayak Dance and Music, Deye Dova from Australia, Tubby Love from USA, Farafi from India, Bali’s own Robi Navicula, Vieux Cissokho from Senegal, Fantuzzi from USA, and many more. From one act to the next, you will be lifted, serenaded, lead to dance, and the beautifully composed experience altogether will send you off to be awakened, newly transformed.

During the week of Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud is usually swarmed with festivalgoers, which makes almost every hotel, cottage, villa, and homestay rooms fully booked nearing the start of event. From past experience, I would highly suggest that you book your accommodation early if you plan on attending this festival.

Discover the new you at this year’s Bali Spirit Festival, March 31st – April 5th 2015. Tickets can be pre-purchased on their official website or at the door on the day of the event.

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